Welcome to take part of our proposal for the 2015 Global Dealer Launch Event! PS Communication are very proud to present our solution for one of the most important events in the history of Volvo Cars!

We hope that you will find our proposal interesting so that we will get the chance to present our ideas live!

Our promise

A communicative approach that is integrated in the overall launch strategy and the Volvo Cars brand.

A creative concept that delivers on the high expectations of the dealers as well as communicating how the XC90 will contribute to their business.

A solid logistics solution that ensures a seamless and flawless execution.

ConceptExplore and Expand

We believe that an event theme should capture the commercial proposition of the programme, as well as the core idea at the heart of the experience itself.

Theme – Explore and Expand

We also believe that a theme should indicate what the audience can expect from the event and, more importantly, what they will gain in the long run.

Upon these requirements, we see the following rationale for the proposed theme:

  • The XC90 will expand your business.
  • At the event, you will expand your knowledge and relation with the XC90.
  • The event experience is very much designed in order to let the participants explore the car rather than simply having it presented to them.
  • As much information is already out there, the purpose of the event is to explore and expand upon an existing preconceptions.
  • Exploration and expansion is profoundly part of human nature, which is in line with the human centric approach.
  • The explore concept is very much in line with the SUV identity.

We will also use the theme to break down the entire guest journey across the two-day programme, where the first day will be dedicated to “exploring” the XC90 and the second day to “expand” knowledge and business opportunities.

Visual identity

We have developed two alternative approaches to the visual identity in order to illustrate the direction in which we believe the dealer launch event should influence the perception of the Volvo Cars brand.

Both alternatives are compatible with our concept and the Volvo Cars brand, although with a very different tone of voice.

The first alternative below is rather conventional and very much in line with what we believe the guests will expect. The signage and branding are rather “loud” in it’s form.
The second alternative is more discrete and leaves more to the guest’s imagination. As we believe that premium should be rather simple and discrete, proven by the attention and quality in every detail, we would recommend that we should develop the visual identity in this direction.

Scandinavian Takeover

XC90 Brand Partners at the event venue

We suggest a ”Scandinavian takeover” with photos, furniture, design items etc. from Sweden at the hotel. It will strengthen the feeling of the Swedish heritage. Selected Swedish brands that support the XC90 premium feeling will be presented at the event venue. Also worn by event staff and partly offered to the delegates.

Taste of Sweden – Tommy Myllymäki

Tommy Myllymäki undeniably belongs to the young generation of Swedish chefs who have travelled and experienced various culinary traditions but are eager to develop the Nordic cuisine, which is increasingly rooted in its environment: simple, direct and self-evident, highlighting vegetables and nature.

His grandmother Kerttu’s cooking inspired his passion for his future profession and rooted him in the kind of rustic traditional cooking that delights the palates of diners at Julita Wärdshus, his summer inn in the Södermanland region. Tommy is very open-minded and cherishes this fantastic gastronomic memories of tasting dishes by Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Ducasse in Monaco, Régis Marcon, and so on. Since his success at the Bocuse d’Or, he has been solicited from all sides; beneath the surface of this calm man with an actor’s physique lies a real talent for communicating, and Swedish TV was quick to turn him into a star of the small screen, criss-crossing the country highlighting local products in the form of spontaneous culinary creations that are helping to give the Man in the Street a desire to cook.

Event experience

We have designed the entire experience to mirror the sales situation at a dealership where the customer starts out by judging the exterior. Then moves on to try the car of their liking before they get into details regarding features etc. If the driving experience isn’t good enough, the rest doesn’t matter.

This will also give us the opportunity to illustrate how we want the custmers to be welcomed when they visit the dealership.

Running the test-drive the first day of the event will make the audience more accessible to the detailed and in-debt sessions to follow.

Entering the Lobby

The immediate impression entering the lobby is warm, personal and welcoming. The rather clinical “airport” environment is transformed into a modern Scandinavian hospitality area with warm colors and natural materials.

Hostesses are meeting the guests, greeting them one by one individually asking them if there is anything they need assistance with. As the luggage is already at the rooms the guests are directed to the atrium where lunch is served.

You are very special to us. This is no ordinary Spanish vacation hotel. You have stepped inside the venue hosting one of the most important events in the history of Volvo Cars. The tonality is that of a sophisticated Scandinavian living room.

Grand opening and design presentation

When the guests have eaten their lunch, the glowing glass-box starts to show images of historic models, taking the audience on a journey through the brand’s heritage. The historic models are projected in 3D, which creates the effect that there is a car standing within the box. When the historic journey reaches the present day, the box start to glow with moving lights from within. While the pace quickens, music accompanies the lights as flashing images of the XC90 appears on the screen. After some 20 seconds, the glass-box starts to shift between images and transparence, making the audience understand that there is actually an XC90 within the box. Finally the XC90 is standing within the box fully visible as the glass-box is elevated.

Right after the reveal show, the local host (from the market) takes to the stage and officially welcomes the guests to this historic occasion in the history of Volvo Cars.

After a short introduction, the host introduces two video testimonials with Thomas Ingelath and Robin Page.

Thomas Ingelath - SVP of design connects to the historic journey by explaining how the iconic models of the sixties and contemporary Scandinavian lifestyle influence the forthcoming models.

“When I joined Volvo a year ago, some described Volvo’s design as nice but not iconic or cutting edge. Just take a good look at this. This is how Volvos will taste from now on.”

Robin Page - Volvo's Interior Design Director tells us that design in Sweden is not a luxury, but a way of life. He expands on how the interior is based on the feeling of a Swedish sitting room. Exceptional natural materials, flame birch from the remote forests of Northern Sweden, handcrafted within the interior. Seats crafted from bridge of Weir leather from Scotland uniquely soft due to the quality of water and grass that the cows graze in. Cut and stitched by hand notice the unique hand crafted zigzag stitch.

The host then moves on to introduce that the guests are very soon to be acquainted with the XC90 on a personal level, actually right NOW! They are then accompanied out to the promenade where the cars are lined up.


  • Connecting with the proud heritage that is a vital part of the present DNA and design of the new XC90.
  • Total focus on the design with the inside story coming directly from the design executives.
  • The new design is not a coincidence; it’s deeply rooted in the Scandinavian heritage.


When the guests arrive on the promenade, they receive a personal test-drive kit including a map and an introduction to the “XC90 Mission”. The mission outlines the test-drive route where 10 “hot-spots” are positioned along the route, including the Idiada test-drive facility. The mission consists of passing these touch-points within a given time slot for each spot (the pace is not set to high in order to avoid accidents). The XC Travels APP (or a customized version) is used to track the cars and give them additional information of what they are passing along the route. The drivers will also be coached by voice along the route, guiding them to utilize the functions of the car in an optimised way.

The XC90 Mission has the purpose of creating a competitive element, which drives excitement as well as helping to keep an even pace on the caravan of vehicles.

When the cars reach the Idiada testing facility, they will be split up into four groups. Two groups will take part of a presentation while the other two groups are either test-driving on the test track or performing a competitor drive.

Before leaving the Idiada, the drivers are interviewed, one by one, to get their personal perspectives on the XC90, which is recorded on film to be used at a later point.

The presentation at the Idiada focuses on the technical specs such as motor alternatives, gearboxes, safety systems, controllability, parking assistance etc. This knowledge will enhance the driving experience back to the hotel as the drivers then have a higher degree of understanding and appreciation of the innovations within the car.

After the presentation and the competitor and track-drive, the cars return to the hotel, covering additional touch-points along the way.


  • The XC90 is a truly exceptional premium car.
  • Enhanced understanding of the functionality supporting the six stories.
  • Personal exploration of the car creating strong memories and stories.

After Drive

The guests are accompanied to the rooftop terrace for drinks and a starter before the dinner. This is a very important time for them to reflect on their experience during the test-drive, sharing common experiences which strengthens their appreciation and enthusiasm. The view from the terrace is stunning and from here, the lake below is visible where an XC90 is positioned.

The first dish of the evening is served.
The guests’ performance on the “Mission XC90” is showcased on leaderboards, adding a nice conversation piece to the evening.


  • Shared experiences.
  • Building expectations before the dinner.
Gala Dinner The dinner experience is built on the celebration of Volvo Cars heritage, Scandinavian design and Swedish artists and designers.

The hallway leading up to the dinner room (RA-room) is lined with Scandinavian design elements, carpeting and images on sidewalls introducing the theme. Well inside the RA-room, guests will find tables of solid wood dressed with classic Swedish design porcelain and crystal.
At the far end of the room, the chefs are working with the food visible to the guests, creating an open and personal atmosphere.
There are projection screens running all the way around, creating the sensation that the audience is in the center of the show rather than seated in front of a stage.
When seated the guests are greeted by the local host introducing the theme of the dinner; “Exploring history – expanding future”. The host introduce the VJ (VideoJockey) who will take us through the experience. The host also explains that the audience will be very active throughout the evening, enjoying a chance to influence the entertainment as well as continue the element of competition – Mission XC90.

The dinner is divided in three acts, which are based on the historic development.

Act 1 – Our origin The VJ introduces a first video showing glimpses of Volvo Cars from the 60s up until today, along with musical intermissions. The entire image covers the four walls which creates an impressive visual effect. At some points along the historic journey, the guests are prompted to answer quiz questions on their mini Ipads. The leaderboard is update in real time, to reflect the guests’ scores. The guests are also invited to choose music and videos from a menu on their Ipads. The songs and videos receiving the most “likes” get played.

Second dish is served
Act 2 – Our present
The musical entertainment shifts towards the present, primarily Swedish artists and producers such as Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Robyn etc. We will also play video greetings from world artists such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 who will give their thanks and appreciation to Swedish producers for writing and producing some of their biggest hit songs over the years.

Edited highlights of the dealer testimonial videos recorded during the test-drive are played, in order to convey the attendees’ enthusiasm about the XC90 from a personal perspective.

The second act ends in with the XC90 commercial videos running on all screens, introducing the future of Volvo Cars.

Third dish is served
Act 3 – Our future
The third act starts out with a video showcasing concept sketches of models to be launched in the near future. The musical entertainment is unsigned music, produced by Swedish songwriters and producers that have yet to hit the big time. The combination of cars and music that is completely new to the audience creates an ultra-contemporary feeling.

The XC90 mission carries on with quiz questions prompted by the iPads.

The dinner is concluded with a final musical act before the host invites the audience to continue the night in the downstairs XC90 lounge. Message:

  • Volvo Cars has a great heritage regarding design and all other five “stories”.
  • Swedish design, lifestyles, culture and creative arts are important for the Volvo Cars DNA.
  • We are standing at the threshold of the next phase of our history. We want you to be part of that very exiting future.

The guests are accompanied down to the lounge, which is equipped and decorated as something in between a cool lounge/bar and a Scandinavian living room. Light entertainment (Jazz with a Swedish contemporary flavor) plays in the background. There are differently styled areas in the room where the guests may choose a more laid back area or a louder bar environment.

On the outside terrace, there is a Swedish al fresco environment that, in case of good weather, allows for more informal social interaction and smoking.

Guests are free to decide when to call it a night, after a long and exiting day.


  • Apart from the branding and Scandinavian atmosphere, there is only focus on social interaction with no corporate messaging at this point.

Day 2

Start-up conference

The first element of the second day is a conference session, lead by the local host(s) in an interactive TV-show format. The session includes the following elements;
  • Quick summary of the day before and a presentation of the leader board of the competition.
  • Spontaneous questions from the guests regarding the experience from the day before.
  • Some of the videos of driver comments from the test-drive is used for introducing different features.
  • A summary of what the XC90 concept is all about – unique selling points built upon our six stories.
  • Local market content.


  • There is much more to find out about the XC90.
  • It’s not just a great car, it’s a car that is designed and developed according to your needs.
  • Sharing of experiences and praise.
‘Designed Around You’ workshops

At this stage of the event, we would like to expand the concept of the XC90 and how we may attract customers. For that purpose we have created a workshop with four stations, covering issues that we know are important for customers in the XC90 segment.

As we don´t want to have the participants seated for long, especially after the party, we will arrange the main part of the second day as interactive, walk-around workshops. Each station is 20 minutes long, weather proof and in the close perimeter of the hotel. The participants are once again split up into four groups of 25 people. Each group participates at the four stations, designed around the following focus areas below.

The meaning of simplicity We will explain why simplicity is crucial to our brand promise and the design of our cars. Showcasing this we might use a sound and climate studio where you may experience the power and intuitive interface at its best.

We will also have video interviews with Carl-Mikael Hjörne who explains how and why the air quality system in this vehicle is the best that Volvo has ever produced and how the air inside is cleaner that the air outside. Then we move on to the intuitive technology inside the car and are we are introduced to Jonny Ive - chief designer at Apple who inspires us with stories of how the technology maps our human behavior and tells about the Apple Car Play system.

The meaning of premium A touchscreen where you may design your own car with a very intuitive interface. The result of your creation is projected on a large led screen. The focus is not just on colors and rims but also in much more details. Selling a premium car means that you must learn to appreciate the small details, before you can sell them.

The meaning of safety (and family) Safety is often taken for granted because it’s a Volvo. However, safety is a matter of life and death and deserves to be recognized. Competitor comparisons are used to arm the dealers with arguments in why Volvo still is the safest car you can buy. The connection to protecting your family is also made clear.

The meaning of a personal customer dialog Our target audience for the XC90 has a true sense of self and is very independent people. They are explorative and keen to take in new ideas and technology. We must meet this audience on their terms and with a personal communication that meets their intellectual level. This station is a peek into the minds of our target group and is adapted for each market. The format is that of a profiling studio with both emotional and qualitative facts.

The digital voice controlled answering machine A digital avatar (Volvo Cars branded) on a screen answers all your questions. The Avatar is actually a person behind the scenes that answers questions into a camera in real-time. The image of the person answering the questions is transformed into an avatar digitally.

Each station contains assignments that are included in the XC90 Mission.

Closing session

After the “Designed Around You” workshops, the guests are once again assembled in the conference room for a final inspirational session. At this stage, our only focus is to exite and motivate the dealers to go back and realize the brand’s ambitious goals. The market strategy is outlined along with the market support that will be available according to each market. Each participant will receive a personal toolbox where there is a guide to how they may take part of the marketing tools available.

There are also some teasers about coming models and a timeline showing when the next models will come to the market. Finally, the result of the XC90 Mission is presented and the winning teams are awarded with prices and praise.


  • Now is the time to enjoy the great innovations produced by our joint endeavor, commitment and hard work.
  • Now is the time to take the final step into our wanted position.
  • Now is the time to deliver on our ambitious growth targets.


We have been in contact with the Volvo Cars exhibition service in order to see what architecture that might be available. As there is a global exhibition executed during the event period, we have decided to not include any existing material in our concept and estimate. However some equipment like screens and ipads might be available.

Dealer event toolkit

The entire event concept is designed to mirror a visit at a Volvo Cars dealership through the different stages of the buying process. This will in turn enable us to utilise the presentations and event productions in modified versions for the dealers back home. We believe the toolkit should consist of the following productions, all inspired by the activities during the event.

  • A guide of how to display the XC90 in the dealership (reveal).
  • A manual of how to organize the optimal test-drive (test-drive).
  • The “Mission XC90” app to be customized for the major markets.
  • A ready to run format for VIP premium events communicating the Swedish heritage (dinner event).
  • Focus area videos and demonstrating i.e. the sound system (walk-around workshops).
  • XC90 image bank and concept gallery with sales and event production.

Shopper marketing

In-store activation and show rooms are becoming increasingly more important in the premium segment. We believe shopper marketing activities as crucial in the follow-up of the dealer event where PS may support dealers locally. As the leading nordic brand experience agency, Experience Group are currently strengthening our shopper marketing offering with the recruitment of Magnus Nelsson, former agency manager at Locomotiv who we see as an important resource for this project.

Cost estimate

Our cost estimate is based on the information provided in the brief, our presented concept and the experience we have of similar projects. Once the project is defined in more detail and the PS scope of work is set, we will update our cost estimate and present a budget and quotation for our total assignment.

Total Estimated Cost

Cost per delegate

For full cost estimate breakdown, please see our PDF presentation (sent to you separately).


For the purpose of this pitch we have made a number of logistic assumptions as detailed below. We have also made some professional recommendations based on our experience of delivering similar projects globally.

PS and Project: WorldWide have undertaken a number of site visits and met with local ground agencies in order to plan a seamless event experience.

  • Initial proposal of dates
  • Day 1-14: Build
  • Day 15-17: Rehearsals for Event Team
  • Day 17 – 77: Live Events, back to back 60 days
  • Day 77 – 85: Breakdown

Delegate Journey

To maximise the premium nature of the delegate event experience whilst considering both our deployment of the event theme ‘Explore and Expand’ and accounting for logistical elements such as flight times and cost impact, jetlag and the consumption of alcohol at an evening party we propose to deliver the event in the following format:

Day 1 – 12.00 – 23.30
Day 2 – 08.00 – 13.00

This itinerary does allow for a very short crossover of groups. We are confident that within the venue spaces we have adequate capacity to accommodate the changeover each day at 13.00.

This itinerary does allow for a very short crossover of groups. We are confident that within the venue spaces we have adequate capacity to accommodate the changeover each day at 13.00.

We propose that the two half days is the optimal structure to deliver our event theme, however we propose to flex the timings of the event elements during the 10 week programme to account for the following:
• Cultural considerations e.g Chinese eat earlier and sleep earlier
• Daylight Savings Time clock changes e.g Sunset is later
In addition, we can work with Volvo’s own preferences to ensure that the event is delivered in a premium manner in line with market culture. Our event agenda and event theme details three driving elements to enable delegates to fully explore the product.
1. Scenic Drive – road route from hotel to Idiada, allowing for one driver changeover point
2. Handling parcours – utilising comfort and dynamic platform areas at Idiada Proving Ground
3. Competitor test drive – utilising dynamic platform area at Idiada Proving Ground



On arrival into terminal one delegates will be greeted in baggage reclaim area by the Volvo event team. A Volvo branded hospitality desk will be located just adjacent to the arrivals doors The Volvo event team will issue all delegates with a luggage tag and take their luggage on to our luggage truck Depending upon arrival time delegates will either be taken to the Volvo airport lounge immediately to coaches parked at the end of the walkway outside terminal one For delegates that arrive into Terminal 2 – the Volvo event team will greet out guests as they come through the arrivals doors All delegates who arrive the day prior to our event will be accommodated in a nearby hotel as suggested and collected directly.


On arrival at the hotel delegates will disembark the coaches in the main hotel driveway Delegates will be greeted by Volvo event team and invited into the hotel lobby to register 8 registration desks in alphabetical order will be used to ensure a timely check in Delegates will be issued an event lanyard with their bedroom key Registration includes: driving licence check, Idiada accreditation forms, and barcode for driving Guest luggage will be retained by the Volvo event team and dropped to their room during the event activities After registration, guests will be invited into the atrium to enjoy an informal buffet lunch Poseur benches and stools will enable guests to enjoy a seated lunch whilst remaining relaxed and social Both courtyard areas adjacent to the Atrium can be utilised if the weather is pleasant.


The event will be officially opened with a welcome from a Volvo executive A podium and screens will be utilised within the atrium area to enable a short presentation to be displayed 15.00 ‘Reveal’ of the new Volvo XC90 will be followed by a short design presentation will then be given with active demonstration. All presentation content will be relayed onto screens. The screens and seating will be positioned to maximise delegate sightlines of the vehicle and content.


A necessary event briefing and general housekeeping rules issued by Volvo Event Team leader Delegates will then be invited to move through the double doors behind the atrium and out onto the patio to take a seat in the cars The groups will be split into four and each set of 12/13 cars will be allocated a colour and a number per vehicle The vehicles will be lined up along the beach promenade (pending permissions from local mayor) Each vehicle will be given driving packs containing – emergency numbers, water, sunglasses and suncream Our operators will explain the driver barcode scanning system in each vehicle

15.30 - 15.40

Delegates depart the hotel The pre-determined road route will allow each of the 4 groups to take four different routes to Idiada proving ground This route will include one driver changeover point Safety cars with Volvo event team members will also be available at points on all routes Scenic Drive The scenic drive will extend the distance between the hotel and the proving ground to allow guests adequate time to really experience the new car Four different routes, one for each group will be designed in order to avoid bottleneck areas and cars driving in convoy The vehicle departures will be staggered to assist in this.

16.20 - 16.30

On arrival at the circuit delegates will be directed to the gates of The cars will be opened and quickly searched by a member of Idiada security Mobile phones will be taken and secured in black sealed bags – these will be numbered by car for their collection on exit


Delegates in groups blue and orange – highlighted by numbers in the cars will be directed to the comfort and dynamic handling platform using directional signage and a lead car Delegates in brown and yellow groups will be directed to the car park and then using Volvo event team walked into the main venue building and into the auditorium


Session one begins


Idiada proving ground has a number of excellent track facilities For the purpose of this presentation, with the current limitations over vehicle quantity we propose that the driving activities are based on the following:
1. Handling parcours – testing the controllability, manoeuvrability and safety of the vehicle whilst not stressing the vehicles to ensure delegates can safely drive back to the hotel
2. Competitor drive – an opportunity to test drive 3 major competitors for some handling parcours, braking and acceleration
3. Static presentation – to ensure that our guests leave the proving ground with an enhanced perspective and knowledge on the new XC90 we propose to run a static product presentation including competitor content using the Idiada auditorium PS+PWW would work with Volvo and Volvo’s driving agency to ensure activities are in line with product communications and that activities clearly demonstrate the product USPs


At the completion of session one the 4 groups will rotate activities Lead cars will direct all blue and green groups to the car park Event Team will lead red and yellow groups to collect their vehicles and be collected by lead cars


On completion of activities guests will be driven back to the main entrance where mobile phones will be re-issued to each car Guests will then follow a pre-determined route back to the hotel allowing for one driver changeover
On arrival back at the hotel cars will be parked in the hotel car parks – facilitated by the Volvo Event team Delegates will then be invited to enjoy drinks and canapé starters on the roof terrace to watch the sunset, Delegates also have the option to retire to their rooms and freshen up prior to dinner.


Delegates will be encouraged to make their way to the hotel conference suites to enjoy dinner


The main conference room will be utilised with 12 round tables laid for 10 guests (allowing for 20 local market hosts to join) If the local market should wish a table plan can be utilised and pre printed, name cards issued Wine (if appropriate) will be served at table Main courses and desserts will be served in line with silver service standards to ensure a premium feel During dinner room gifts and letters from Volvo/local market will be delivered to bedrooms (if applicable)

From 21.30

Delegates will be invited to the underground lounge within the conference complex where coffee and further drinks will be served Entertainment in the form of music will commence at 21.30 until 23.30


Event bar will close – this time can be flexible depending on culture If delegates wish to continue celebrating the hotel bar back in the main restaurant space will remain open until 01.00 All drinks at this time must be purchased by guests


06.00 - 08.00

Breakfast will be served for delegates between these times After breakfast closure delegates will be asked to return their room keys and luggage to the front desk Delegates will be directed to the main conference suite for the opening session


The main conference room will be re-laid as theatre style with 120 chairs using a set and stage for delivery of the main presentationn


Delegates will be asked to follow their Volvo event team hosts in their groups from the previous day Four workshops will be delivered using a purpose built outdoor workshop space Delegates will rotate between the workshops managed by their Event Team host Refreshments will be served in the workshop areas


On completion of workshops delegates will be asked to return to the main conference room for the closing session During this session the competition winners will be announced and rewarded


Delegates will be directed via the outside pathway to the Hotel restaurant and Patio for a Barbeque style lunch by the beach


Delegates will be put back onto coaches with their luggage – done by group colour


Departure for the airport/secondary hotel depending on market activities Arrival at airport / hotel from 14.00 to enable return flights or local market activations Airport lounges can be utilised for evening flights or local markets can arrange an afternoon activity in Barcelona as outlined earlier in the presentation

More information is available in the PDF file.

ps team

PS Communication (colloquially referred as PS) is the largest full-service brand experience agency in the Nordic region. Founded in Stockholm 1997, we excel in experience based marketing and communication

PS’ annual turnover exceeds 300 MSEK and currently employs ~150 full-time staff in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. Many of our clients are multinational companies; our networks have a global reach, enabling us to undertake complex assignments in several markets.
Our offer includes fully integrated brand experience services, from strategy, PR and marketing to interactive meetings to logistics. The power of carrying such a wide variety of in-house know-how creates unique ideas and creative cross-media solutions. With synergies also including short lead times and cost efficiency.
PS Communication has experience from working with a number of clients in different segments, and in differing constellations. A smaller, specialized business-to-business event will demand a different set of skills and project members than a large‐scale public event, or product launch. Assignments in Sweden and the Nordics will also differ from those managed in Europe or in the rest of the world. The organization is adapted for the sake of handling a number of clients, it is not uncommon for some of them to cooperate in conjunction with projects PS
Communication plan and carry out, creating synergies for all. The offering (below) can encompass one or several disciplines, all with one common denominator – communication. For some clients, PS Communication function as an one‐stop partner, in other instances specialist competences are offered:
  • Included four times in business daily Dagens Industri’s listing of “Gasell Companies” (growth related award).
  • Nr 1 in “Årets Byrå” (Agency of the Year) 2006, trade magazine Resumé.
  • Nr 1 in “Årets Byrå” (Agency of the Year) 2007, business daily Dagens Industri.
  • Nr 1 in “Kundens Bästa Byrå” (Clients Choice - Agency of the Year) 2009, 2010 and 2011 in Event Marketing, trade magazine Resumé.
  • Nr 1 in “Kundens Bästa Byrå” (Clients Choice - Agency of the Year) 2010 and 2011 in Action Marketing, trade magazine Resumé.
  • Nr 1 in the category “Internal Event of the Year” at the Swedish event awards “The Golden Wheel”, hosted by the The Swedish Sponsorship and Events Association.
  • Two nominations for the Best European Event Awards in Milano and one at the International Sport Management Awards in London during 2012.
  • A Silver medal at the Best European Event Awards 2012 in Milano.
  • European Best Event Awards winner - Best cultural event – 100 innovations at the national museum of science and technology in 2012.
  • European Best Event Awards nominee - Volvo in the Volvo Ocean Race (roadshow category) in 2012.
  • International Sport Event Management Awards nominee - Volvo in the Volvo Ocean Race (event category) in 2012

In summary:

PS Communication has a proven track-record of successfully handling complex assignments and projects in Scandinavia and around the world. PS is the solid choice in selecting an agency partner to rely on. Welcome to the world of PS Communication!

For full credentials of the project team, please see our PDF presentation (sent to you separately).

Case Studies

PS is a proud partner of Project: WorldWide. With 6.800 events per year, in 166 countries and a total of 500.000 square meters of graphics produced, you know we aim to please. We have gathered a few successful and relevant cases below.

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15

A global brand event and business platform/content marketing project for both Volvo Cars and Volvo Group.
Target Groups: Both B2B, B2C and B2E aswell as media/other stakeholders.
Agency assignment & Event challenge: Creating a dynamic global brand experience for both Volvo Car Corporation as well as Volvo Group. Design, concept, messaging, graphics, video, multimedia and digital.

International Dealer Conference, madrid 2014

Client: BMW Group | MINI Brand Management
Type of Event: Launch of the New MINI Hatch
Target Group & Participants: 2.200 dealers from all over the world.

Locations: 2 x Crew Hotel, 1 x Guest Hotel, 1 x Welcome Location, Workshop Location, Evening Location, Driving Activity Location, Driver Change

Volvo Days 2013

A global event with dealers and customers experiencing the latest from Volvo CE and Volvo Trucks.
Participants: ca 8 000 participants during 1 month.
Agency assignment & Event challenge: Creating a 24 hour customer experience with both content/messages as well as logistics, hotel and evening event/entertainment.

Ericsson Global Sales
and Marketing Summit

2000 delegates from all over the world.
Participants: ca 8 000 participants during 1 month.
Agency task: Creating content, event design, video production, event production, logistics and staffing for 2000 participants.
Theme & concept: Feel the change. Was visualized in all areas. Advanced technical solutions created wow feeling.

BMW Product and Brand Experience 2012

The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series was presented in 2012 in Portugal. 6.250 dealers, salesmen and clients from all over the world experienced the vehicle in Portimao, Algarve. The brand new BMW was unveiled after the guests arrived at the location. Directly afterwards the guests could choose between 132 impeccable vehicles for the scenic drive along the coast. At the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve different workshops took place and the participants experienced the new BMW 3 Series on the race track and could experience the unrivalled driving pleasure of BMW.
The unique combination of an emotional product, a smooth event flow and spectacular location made the event for the guests as well as for the team a truly remarkable and memorable event.

Ericsson Networked Society

Background: Every year in February Ericsson invites clients and colleagues to the world largest telecommunications congress and exhibition, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 15-20.000 delegates and guests from all over the wold visits the Ericsson area during a week.
Agency task: The assignment is divided on a number of agencies, where PS has parts of the assignment. Creating content, event design, video production, event production, logistics and staffing for participants.
Theme & concept: The Networked Society was visualized in all areas. Advanced technical solutions created feeling of innovation and thought leadership.

International dealer conference, London 2009

Client: BMW Group | MINI Brand Management
Type of Event: 50th anniversary of MINI.
Target Group & Participants: 1.800 dealers from all over the world.
Event format: Conference with workshops and evening event.