Volvo XC90 presents it´s own guide to global premium experiences. All markets, regions and cities, globally will have their own lists connected to smartphones and GPS system in the car. The premium XC90 feeling will be highlighted and claimed through XC90 certified premium experiences for each market. This selection of great XC90 experiences could consist of; roads/excursions with great scenary, hotels, restaurants, museums, castles, exhibitions, skiing areas etc. It would also be possible to select and appoint ”XC90 Hotels” – where you can experience the XC90 as part of the hotel & excursion experience.
The cars could be product placed as exclusive VIP rental cars that comes with a preplanned excursion package for a day or night. Each market could produce; exclusive maps, booklets or digital guides. Integrated in the car or via smarthphone Apps. (or both)


During the Volvo XC90 Global dealer conference the partipants will experience pre-recorded greetings from famous Swedish musicians and perhaps actors and sportsmen, some of which Volvo Cars already have worked with.

The greetings could come in the sound room, the hotel rooms through the TV set, in the cars during test driving and during the dinner from large screen projectors or sent via MMS to their smartphones.